• lotion Our coconut and shea butter body butter will nourish your skin with healing lavender and sandalwood essential oils. Our lotion is made of raw butters and all-natural, vegan ingredients so that you do not hurt your skin with unneeded chemicals.

    We sell our lotion two ways: Our trademark hardwood containers that are sustainable and illuminate waste. One ounce refills for the wooden containers are available. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase two ounce returnable glass jars that include $2.00 off your next purchase price if you bring the jar back.glass jars $18 / wooden containers $18

  • lip balm Our all natural lip balm will help protect your lips with beeswax, while the oils and butters keep them soft and moisturized. Like our other products the lip balm is chemical free and refillable. Our sustainable wooden containers are made custom made for lip balm and the .25 fl oz refills create zero waste. $18
  • Made from the finest oils and butters from around the world.

  • heel balm Hydrates and locks in moisture for heels and and toes. Soothe away sore feet with all natural, vegan and chemical free oils and beeswax. Fresh smelling lavender and sandalwood lifts your sprits with each massaging rub on your tired feet. Our heel balm will help keep your feet from drying out and give them the moisture they need. Our one ounce heel balm bar comes with a simple wooden bowl and is refillable, sustainable and all natural.$18

  • beard balm We have two options for beard balm. The Darren and the Ethan. Carefully designed and crafted in small batches, our balms will condition and quickly liquefy in the palm of your hand to easily absorb into your beard and skin. Both come packaged in either a peg flat top or our flip top design made of rich hardwoods. Both are refillable. $18

  • the darren Our earthy sandalwood essential oil blend is mixed with olive oil and shea butter for deep moisturizing while providing a light hold. $18

  • the ethan Our fresh scent lavender, sandalwood and coconut blend also features shea butter and beeswax, good for everyday hydration for beard and skin. $18

  • refills Barronvonberg sustainables hardwood containers are refillable.They are kept frozen and sealed until you are ready to refill your container. They are packaged in biodegradable cellophane for minimal packaging waste. Lotion $10/ Balms $5

  • All Natural Sustainable Luxury in a one of a kind Wooden Jar.