At home in Suebergville

Art, Concrete, Sustainable Goods, Lighting, Greeting Cards, and Widgets galore!

Who is Sue?

Sue Berg uses reclaimed materials in all her work, it is the bedrock of her practice. The use of recycled materials imbues the work with history, memory, reveals the effects of time on objects, and is a way to take care of the planet. The media theorist, Marshal McLuhan’s famous quote, “the medium is the message”, plays a role. When examining Sue’s art you will find wooden constructions, cut paper, sewn objects, concrete, and functional widgets. But the message is always the same, materials on the planet are finite and artists must make art responsibly. Sue often explores the domestic landscape with the house/home as a repeated shape. Of course, the environment plays a key role and nature often takes center stage. You may also see strict geometric abstraction reflecting Sue’s graphic design background. Through color, pattern, and shape she creates a simplified vision of the world, these are the conceptual underpinnings of her ongoing work.

Sue Berg was born in Bamberg, Germany in 1959. She received her MFA in New Media from Maine College of Art in 2001. Currently, Sue lives in Torrington, Connecticut. She is a retired Professor Emeritus of Art after 30 years of service to the students of Connecticut.

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